Chicken, Pasta and Rocket Salad


“Dear Bread,

It’s not you, it’s me. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and I think we need a break.

Yes I know I know, you’ve been there for me through breakfasts, lunches and even sometimes dinners. But if I’m totally honest bread, I’m sick of the sight of you. As lunch time steadily approaches the mere thought of eating another sandwich, after having you unappetisingly toasted for breakfast makes my stomach turn.

I’ll always have love for you bread, but sometimes it’s all a bit too intense!”

….Bread’s ok, he’s not phased. He knows after a few hours I’ll be banging on his door again, taking back all the horrible things I said and stuffing my face full of his floury delight with relish.

In the meantime, if you’ve had enough of your breads too, here’s a nice little lunchtime recipe that involves zero skill and maximum taste! Where possible, I like to use left overs from the night before – because that’s so much more satisfying!

I tend to just visually gauge the amounts depending on how many people I’m serving.


A few handfuls of cooked & cooled pasta

A similar amount of rocket leaves

About half the amount of cooked and cooled chicken (optional)

Dessert spoon of coriander pesto (also optional)

About 100g of Feta cheese

A couple of handfuls of baby tomatoes, halved

1 small red onion, sliced

½ a cucumber, chopped into small pieces

½ tsp oregano

Handful of pine nuts

For the dressing:

¼ Lemon




If you wish you can mix a dollop of coriander pesto into the pasta at the beginning. I do, as I LOVE it.

Combine the pasta, chicken, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and oregano in a large bowl.

Crumble the feta in and give it toss

Roll the lemon to soften it, and squeeze over the salad.

Sprinkle the pine nuts

Season to taste

How easy was that? And how delicious it’s going to be as well!

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