Magic Mike XXL fun


MY MOVIE RATING: *** 3 STARS – Predictable storyline, mediocre comedy, but oh my goodness all that sexy Channing body makes up for any lacking in genius creativity! We didn’t want a Matrix depth storyline anyway, did we girls!!

BASIC SYNOPSIS: Three years after Mike bowed out of the stripper life at the top of his game, he and the remaining Kings of Tampa hit the road to Myrtle Beach to put on one last blow-out performance.


I’m sorry did someone say something? What’s that? Come back down to Earth?

Can’t. Sorry 🙂 I am fully floating on a Channing cloud and have no intention of coming down, well, not until I fond my next crush anyway!

So yes, I went to see Magic Mike XXL at the movies this weekend. I felt like an excited child running into a theme park as I entered screen 10.

Me and my chica opened the door of the dark theatre, smiles abounding. Something wasn’t quite right though…. hmm… we looked at each other, and she suspiciously whispered to me, “Why are we surrounded by CHILDREN!?”. Had these people lost their mind? Had liberal parenting been taken to a whole new, stripper loving level? Well, unless I misunderstood the synopsis of this film being cheap thrills for 16+ females we quickly worked out we were in the wrong screening.

Take 2: So we finally made it into the right movie screen. They don’t call me genius for nothing you know!!

We had been hoping for a rowdy rabble of over excited females both on screen and off – I had excited expectations of jeering and leering at the screen surrounded by like minded muscle hungry women – hearing whoops and claps from all sides. Alas, no one else seemed to be as enthused as Chica and I. Nevertheless we made up for everyone else’s lack of enthusiasm and threw our cinema etiquette to the wind, joining the on-screen female strip audience in spirit. How else do you enjoy a film about muscly gorgeous guys getting semi-naked?

The movie is a bit slow, personally I preferred the storyline of the first Magic Mike. If they had just managed to recreate the more natural scripting and acting of the first film but kept the XXL strip content, it would have satisfied the brain and the nether 😉 so much more. In fact, even more stripping would have made for happier bunnies I think!!

So we watched the movie, we participated in watching the strip scenes with full relish and vocal input, and then we left like little girls leaving a candy shop after a stock liquidation sale. Happy, on a high, lusting and full of hope that Mike would appear around the corner and whisk us away to his cosy little house in the good ol’ US of A.

It didn’t happen, I’m still here. Still Magic Mike dreaming.

Still waiting for Channing to Channing all over my Tatum (in the words of Jamie Fox).

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